Company Strategy

Future Outlook

World economic and political events are many of the major factors driving the worldwide mining industry.

Gold is a monetary metal and universally accepted as a store of value because it is not a consumable product - it is a hard asset. In contrast, pricing of other precious metals are primarily determined by industrial demand.

Gold, Silver and other precious metals drive the world's hard currency, these precious and base metals can and have been a hedge against inflation, oil prices, paper currencies and real estate investments. The financial crisis of late 2008 has once again proven the strength of precious and base metals, with said metals prices increasing by up to 300% between 2009 and early 2011.

Currently many analysts are predicting another major price increase for precious and base metal over the next three years, we at Nilam subscribe to this theory.

Company Strategy

Nilam Resources employs a strategy that our infrastructure is key! The process began as grass roots with the local community, technical reports, people, production values, and a clear vision that all leads to the final execution of our plans.


We work with the local community to create a win-win approach. We employ the community, work with their leaders, and also install and employ a local manager that has experience working with the community. We encourage participation from each community, giving them a blue sky objective in the form of ownership or incentive to participate in the profits of the project. Nilam ensure civic duty and responsibility with each project in the form of open and effective communication for maximum results for all involved. This may be a new age approach in many communities but is vital for long term success in the new millennium.

Technical Reporting

All properties are evaluated based on technical reports from qualified and quantified engineers and experts within their given field. Nilam separates itself from other mining companies that rely on speculative announcements without solid reporting.


Our goal is to start production on each and every property within our portfolio. The stages and timing of production may vary as the most economically viable projects will be given priority. We will build plants, use subcontractors and employ locals as we deem to be in the best interest of the Nilam shareholders. In many cases we have drilling crews and other that are interested in an equity share of each property for their services. These arrangements will be examined on a case by case basis, but gives Nilam an interesting and exciting option on costs, motivation and participation with each project.


Our team consists of local community leaders on each project, fluent Spanish/English Peruvian company president, directors, fluent Spanish/English Peruvian legal team that is involved with all checks and balances, experienced mining people that have proven track records, SEC specialized lawyers, auditors, transfer agents, and experienced market awareness team.


Our involvement with local communities, leaders, management and so forth is a look towards the future vision of Nilam as we prospect further claims that allow us large potential with minimal capital. We are not your typical miner that looks for options and hypes but would rather be in production on many fronts, with long lasting quality properties and people. The Nilam team is diversified and each member brings that much more to the table, allowing Nilam to prosper in the current, short term and long term. Nilam is and will always be looking to add new people and new ideas to further our goals. All teams must evolve, Nilam is one of those teams.


Nilam has taken many years to build the right infrastructure, as seen above we are a multi layered team of local and experienced mining experts. We also have a team of experts to deal with the public markets and SEC filings, and all legalities on the ground and in the market. Human capital is readily available but the right people are hard to find. Nilam has spent years to assemble the right people to take advantage of our properties and great opportunities.