Executive Team

Board of Directors

Shahin Tabatabaei

President and CEO

Shahin Tabatabaei has served as a director of NILAM since May 15, 2007. Mr. Tabatabaei started his career in international sales in 2000 at TMS Technologies Ltd., where he was promoted to the position of Vice President of international sales and marketing. In 2004, Mr. Tabatabaei founded Canadian Industrial Solution Ltd., which provides industrial solutions to companies throughout the world that are involved in the oil, gas, water and natural resources sectors. Shahin is fluent in English and Spanish.

Management Team

Gustavo Puente

IT Geomatics Engineer

Mr. Puente is an experienced IT Geomatics specialist (a new branch of digital information technology for acquiring, analyzing, and manipulating earth images for the purposes of mineral exploration). With over 22 years of experience in mining operations and project development, Mr. Puente is leading the exploration operations on each property in the current portfolio. A graduate from University of Garcilazo, in Lima, Peru, Mr. Puente has extensive experience in the mining sector in Peru having served as Project Manager for ADI Halifax working in Peru for the mining sector before joining NILAM. Gustavo is fluent in English and Spanish

Nilam Resources will be adding experience and depth to its Management Team and Board of Directors in the very near future.