Company Values

Nilam Resources is a company that was built from the grass roots and combines vision with a real plan of execution.

Our founding members have assembled a highly reputable management team and a workplace tightly integrated with a sense of community, and responsible growth.

Nilam Resources has spent years to assemble the right people and infrastructure to take advantage of our properties and even greater opportunities.

We are here for both today and the future!


Nilam Resource is deeply committed to responsible corporate practices and accountability for our actions. Our first concern is to the Nilam shareholders, but with that said, we must be committed to all of our actions from grass roots to the final execution stage and beyond. We will always attempt to be as open as possible. Long-term success is based on consistency of performance, and our corporate infrastructure fosters a deep sense of commitment to excellence through tightly knit principles of operation.


Our involvement with local communities, leaders, management and so forth is a look towards the future vision of Nilam as we prospect further claims that allow us large potential with minimal capital. We are not your typical mining company that looks for options and hypes but would rather be in production on many fronts, with long lasting quality properties and people. The Nilam team is diversified and each member brings that much more to the table, allowing Nilam to prosper in the current, short term, and long term. Nilam is and will always be looking to add new people and new ideas to further our goals as all teams must evolve and Nilam is one of those teams.


Nilam Resources adheres to guidelines for effective corporate governance in compliance with regulatory standards. The Board of Directors has adopted stringent procedures for operating principles, comprehensive reporting and auditing, as well as enforcing of regulations and ethics throughout our corporate entity.


Our operation(s) start by working with the community and their leaders. Our project manager(s) and management will work diligently and professionally with any issues dealing with health, safety and environmental factors caused by mineral extractions. We strictly enforce the highest standards in maintaining responsible actions toward people, animals and protection of environmental resources.


Nilam Resources is committed to fulfilling its obligations as a responsible corporate entity looking out for the best interests of its families, employees, shareholders, and communities in which we conduct our business operations. Once again the strategy is for our local project manager(s) and management team to work with the community and their leaders. We fully want the community to be motivated to work with Nilam on all issues and to also prosper based upon on our work in their area.


We have a long-term business approach and the best way to embrace future is to consistently evaluate our current direction and remind ourselves about the effects of our actions and legacy passed on to future generations while creating a growth environment for our shareholders.